Advance Diploma in Information Technology & Telecommunication


 Course Duration : 15 Months
  1. Computer Fundamental
  2. Computer Basic – MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point
  3. Basic Electronic – Analog & Digital Multi-Meter, Resistance, Capacitor, Diode, Transistor, IC’s, etc
  4. Mobile Phone Repairing – knowledge of Resistance, Capacitor, Diode, Transistor, IC’s, PCB diagrams Speaker Replacement, Ringer Replacement, Vibrator Replacement, Microphone Replacement, Touch Replacement, Display Replacement, Charging Jack Replacement, Battery Connector Replacement, Camera Replacement, Keypad Replacement, SIM Jack Replacement, Memory Jack Replacement, IC Re-Balling, Adepter Repairing etc, Software Repairing with the help of Mobile Flasher, General Fault Finding and their Solutions, etc
  5. SMPS Repairing
  6. Monitor Repairing
  7. Digital Electronics
  8. Computer Hardware – Keyboard, Mouse, Mother Board, Microprocessor, RAM, HDD, Optical Drive, etc
  9. PC Assembling
  10. Basic Input Output System
  11. Operating System Installation – Windows XP/7/8/10
  12. Device Drivers Installation – Chipset, VGA, Sound, LAN, etc
  13. Antivirus Installation
  14. Application Software Installation – MS Office, Photoshop, Corel Draw, PDF Reader, ect
  15. Different Types of Fault and its Solutions
  16. Computer Networking – Types of Network, OSI Model, Topology, Protocol, Basic Component of Network Devices ( Network Adepter, HUB, Switch, Repeater, Patch Cord, Information Outlet, Router ), Cabling, Pear to Pear Networking, File Server, Print Server, Internet Server, Client Server ( Server 2003/2008  with Active Directory ),Concept of Wireless Networking, etc
  17. Network Fault Finding and Solutions
  18. Laptop Repairing ( Card Level )
  19. Laptop Fault Finding and Solutions
  20. Personality Development with Partial Spoken English
  21. Revision & Project
  22. Diploma/Certification
  23. 100%* Placement
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