Certificate in Laptop Repairing


Course Duration : 05 Months

Basic fundamentals of Laptop Card Level

  • Computer and Laptop Differences.
  • Assembling and de-assembling of different models of laptop through Smart Classes
  • Block diagram of laptop functioning.
  • Formatting and Partition.

Installation of Windows and driver in laptop

  • Installing windows xp 1,2,3, Windows 7, window 8.
  • Online Driver Installation and use of automated driver installation software
  • Offline Driver Installation.
  • Driver Backup and Restore.
  • Windows Backup & Restore by use of inherent windows function and use of specialized backup tools.

How to Install Application software in laptop

  • Partition Magic
  • Data Recovery
  • Bootable USB maker
  • Office 2010
  • ERD commander
  • Installation and Removel of Antivirus
  • Password Breaker software

Identification of laptop part

  • Adapters: Types, work, volt, Ampere, pin detail, Basic problem.
  • Battery: Types of Battery, work, volt, pin detail, Basic problem.
  • LCD: Types LCD, Company, size, Wideness.
  • Inverter: types of Inverter, pin detail.
  • Hard disk:- Type of Hard disk, Company.
  • Keyboard: Type of keyboard, Basic problem.
  • Body: Hinges size, Front Panel, back Panel.
  • Motherboard:- Type of Motherboard, company, Identify.
  • Ram: Types of RAM, Company , pin detail, volt.
  • CPU: Types of Laptop CPU, Identify.
  • CD/DVD: Type, company, Basic problem.
  • Troubleshooting of all laptop parts problem and its solution step wise. We emphasis on step by step laptop repairing



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